Services Overview

Website hosting, development and management are apart of the agency services, because we have to be able to develop and execute marketing tactics on your website in order to deliver results.

Examples of Sites:

E-commerce WordPress Retail

Non-Profit Charitable Donations

WordPress Retail

WordPress Auto Rental

Shopify E-commerce

Shopify E-commerce

WordPress Auto Dealership

Online Products

Every business needs email, a CRM, a website with a hosting plan, secured portals for their customers especially for e-commerce, and more.  

Need a hosting plan?  Save on your plan here.  Need an email address?  Click here.

Integrating your CRM into a net that captures all your leads across all of your platforms that you are running campaigns on is vital to business development.  Setting up multiple components that reach different audiences at different levels during their custom journey, enhances your opportunity to communicate and engage with them at the time that they are ready.

We use software like hubspot, Constant Contact, Aweber and many more. We choose based on your industry and the best fit for lead generation and marketing to those potential customers.

Conversations that convert.

Answer questions, schedule appointments, and close deals with real, friendly interactions that are convenient for you and your customers.

Optimize your online store from every angle

Audit your site to correct meta information and make your content unique. Get backlink ideas and other recommendations. Research keywords and borrow them from competitors. Track positions on daily basis and find out competitors, who rank with your keywords.

Take your ad campaigns to the next level

Explore PLA copies and the keywords triggering them. Cross-match negative keywords to stay on budget. Use proven techniques to optimize your CPC and get more conversions for less money.

Social media marketing has the potential to produce some exceptional results, and using the right tools will help you achieve them.

  • The customer journey sometimes starts within Facebook where they can search to learn about business
  • In addition to seeing feedback on the reputation of the business, they can also connect with you via Facebook Messenger
  • Find topics that people search and content ideas for your site. 

Brand Development encompasses a consistent voice, image and message across all platforms and outlets.  Consistency is key in order to grow awareness and loyalty in the marketplace.

Content marketing is a vital part of a company’s marketing strategy in 2020, with 84% of companies in the USA practising content marketing methods.

  • Find the best content topics: Using the Topic Research tool to identify key trends
  • Creating SEO-friendly content: Implementing keywords and managing content length and readability levels
  • Find your best-performing articles: Auditing your content to discover what posts are successful

A business’s reputation is one of its most important assets – one that can take years to build but can be lost overnight. As consumers, the internet is one of the first places we look to find out about a company, and if the sentiment we uncover isn’t positive, it can have a serious (often catastrophic) consequences for that business.

Managing your online reputation can be done in a number of ways, giving you valuable insight into how you could build your reputation, as well as helping to highlight where you need to be most reactionary.

Take care of your brand reputation by monitoring and responding to customer reviews in a timely manner. 

CRM tools are necessity if you are expecting to see new business opportunities developed directly from your marketing tactics and campaigns.

Traditional Media Buying includes:

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television
  • Print Media
  • Radio
  • Outdoor

Google Shopping Actions, Google Local Products, Google Shopping Ads, Google Surfaces and more…

Integration of Shopify, Woocommerce is what our agency uses.  We incorporate Facebook Shop, instagram shopping and various other tactics to build website sales and generate more revenue for your business 

We incorporate email marketing, text (SMS and MMS) messaging and e-blasts in order to develop leads and stay in front of sales opportunities.  Building a brand this way, maintains a consistent voice and reminder to those in the market for your business.

Google Analytics

Track Webchat performance through our Google Analytics integration.

Have your own Dashboard with every single campaign component implemented

Plan and align all your marketing campaigns and activities and analyze performance with Google Analytics integration.

Partner with third party companies in order to collaborate on social, economical and fund raising opportunities