Business goals on Facebook

Start building your marketing strategy with free and paid solutions on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network, and connect the right people with your business.

What can local business marketing do for you?

Advertise to local people who are likely to stop by.Reach people who are likely to visit your business with the store traffic objective.

Put your store on the map and make it easy to find.Help people find their way to the nearest location with native map locators.

Connect your physical store to an online storefront.Use Facebook tools to promote and sell your products online.

Start with free business tools and get noticed in your neighborhood.

Make your store easy to find, both online and off.

Start building your presence with Facebook PagesInstagram Business Profiles or WhatsApp business profiles. Make sure your store address, business hours and the best ways to reach you are up to date so people can visit your store and get in touch.

Create offers that encourage people to visit your store.

Facebook Offers can help attract new customers to your business. You can create them for free, and boost them later to reach more people.Learn more about creating an offer

Make custom calls-to-action that are unique to your business.

Call-to-action buttons on your Page can open your shopping app, help people book a service, open a Messenger conversation or open GPS for directions to your store in just a tap.Learn more about custom call-to-action buttons for your Facebook business Page


Complement your in-store sales with a Facebook Shop or shopping on Instagram.

Give people a seamless way to view and buy your offerings online with a Facebook Shop or through shopping on Instagram.

Unlock localized ad features with the store traffic advertising objective.

The store traffic objective allows you to reach people near one or more of your store locations. Once you upload a location structure, you’ll be able to drive more foot traffic and in-store sales with ad features designed for local businesses.

Dynamic localization

Automatically show people ads, maps and CTAs that are customized to where they are in relation to your store or your business location that is closest to them.

Native store locator

The native store locator helps people find and navigate to your store or the nearest location, without ever leaving your ad.

Ad format flexibility

The store traffic objective works with any kind of ad format that is right for your business, across Facebook or Instagram. While the placements vary depending on the optimization you choose, we recommend using Automatic Placements for your store traffic ads.

Ad delivery optimizations

Choose the action that’s most important to you with delivery optimizations. Facebook can show your ads to the most people possible, or to the people who are most likely to visit or complete a purchase in your store.Get step-by-step instructions for creating store traffic ads

Video ads, Collection & Video Ads

Use Custom Audiences to engage your most valuable customers.

Custom Audiences help your ads reach people based on valuable behaviors, like high in-store purchasers or people who are signed up for your email newsletters.

Learn more about Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Measurement

Get free measurement reports to find out how your ads are performing.

Facebook measurement solutions help your business understand and improve your local advertising strategy. Find out which ads are most successful across devices and platforms, and see which ads are driving the most conversions.Explore all Facebook measurement solutions

Automatic Placements