PENNY MARKETING - Digital marketing agency and broadcast media buyer

Media Buying is apart of our digital marketing solutions strategy.  After much planning, researching, compiling, and analyzing, we implement the creation.  With Fierce Negotiating tactics and media experience, we organize a cohesive media plan that includes digital marketing for niche and target audiences and broadcast television for mass media reach & frequency. 

We understand and believe in the power of television mixed with mobile/digital/social elements.  Our digital marketing solutions will effectively and efficiently target your niche audience with engaging and compelling, relevant messages that demand a reaction.  Paired with broadcast's power of credibility and brand awareness, we implement plan, execute and manage media buys.

All media buys include extensive market research, competitors analysis, current and predicted market conditions, qualitative and quantitative research, and posts.  

We buy based on points and overall CPP goals.  Each quarter is examined to gage supply and demand for inventory to determine when dollars can be spent most efficiently.  We promise 90% delivery and extra exposure through unique local strategies implemented at station level. 

We buy across all mediums & platforms.

​Digital Marketing solutions

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